Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet Black

The belief in the evil eye phenomenon dates back to antiquity, it is based upon the belief that the envy elicited by the good luck of the fortunate may result in their downfall. so popular was this belief that in in the Greco-Roman period a scientific explanation was offered to explain the effects of the evil eye. In recent years we have seen a rebirth of this ancient trend, jewelry that is believed to repel the evil eye have become very popular once again. This piece of jewelry displays a delicate balance of archaic impressions and modern fashion.

Anchor Hocking Gravy Boat, Glass

Gravy Boats & Stands
Clear, glass gravy boat from Anchor Hocking. Beautiful addition to any serving set. Classic style perfect for everyday to holiday celebration meals.

Clear, glass gravy boat from anchor hocking
Classic style - perfect for everyday and celebration meals
Durable and easy to clean
Great gift idea
Perfect addition to any kitchen